About us

We are a Company established to carry out an unmatched personal valeting service. We are very mindful of the care and attention required in dealing with delicate fabrics and fine linens. American Cleaners has advanced skills required to ensure the safe cleaning and maintenance of your entire wardrobe.

We place our customers' interest foremost by offering a dry cleaning and laundry service which combines personal attention with detailed hand finishing. We are devoted to constantly improving and updating systems, to provide you the customer with the very best in quality and service.

American Cleaners systematic and continuous quality control check and fabric examinations throughout the entire period of processing, from initial inspection to the hand finishing, makes us the best qualified and equipped firm in Tennessee, while operating an extensive collection and delivery service.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed each and every time. Whether you need a personal service at home or you are a major corporate client, American Cleaners will be able to take care of all your needs while looking after your clothes, as you would like to look after it.